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Waking Beauty began development in 2014 at York University at IUDF. Not Cricket Productions then took the play into further development, adding it to the company’s 3 show Edinburgh Fringe Festival program in August 2015 where it was greeted with critical acclaim.


The Minerva Collective formed and continued development for production the Dublin and Ovalhouse run in 2016. 

Cast and



Writer: Leigh Douglas

Director: Fiona Kingwill

Producer: Daisy Hale

Lighting Design: Martha Godfrey

Original Soundtrack by: Omar Peracha


The Maiden: Gabrielle Sheppard

The Girl: Colette Eaton

The Prince: James Wordsworth

The Mother: Francesca Anderson

Waking Beauty

"She holds a deep hatred for man and the love he would not give her, and puts this curse on the princess to destroy the Prince's Joy! Kill the witch!" they cried, "destroy she who destroys the happy union of man and wife!"


A simple story finds its happy ending easily but for the Princess marrying the Prince is not the end of her adventure. Magic has made her forget her true love, who the Prince hunts down as a witch. Only when the magic that binds the Princesse begins to break, does she find ultimate happiness. 


Waking beauty is a coming of age fairytale for the heroines who are invisible in our folklore, questioning traditional stories and happy endings. It makes a fairytale out of a different kind of love story.


It's time to reclaim the Princess.



'Ambitious and ground-breaking'
- Marianna Meloni, Everything Theatre


'If only all fairytales were this way inclined. Highly recommended'
- Seraina Vogel, GCN

'The Minerva Collective are developing a unique performance style, I’m excited to see what their next move will be'

- Amie Taylor, LGBTQ Arts


'Waking Beauty succeeds in rewriting the rules for heteronormative narratives, showing that at the end of the day, freedom to love who you want to love isn't a fairy tale or fantasy, but a very real possibility'

- Female Arts Magazine

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