The show began development in 2018 when Millie and Gabrielle realised that they had nearly been pushed to the edge from working in retail and began trading traumatic tales and silly stories. What followed was a week of devising in which the show began to form.

The show is currently in the R&D stage, working towards a run in 2020.

Pigeons on L'Edge

Brenda and Deirdre roost on Department Store 'Haus Das L'Edge'. Their nest is turned upside down when a kind stranger arrives to be the new Assistant Manager. But all is not as it seems....

The show follows two Pigeons giving a health and safety briefing about the dangers of roosting on a department store. They tell the story of Penny, the ambitious and overworked new assistant manager of the store. Pushed to breaking point by a failing department, she takes the other human workers hostage, made possible due to a complete lack of CCTV. Ignored, abused, unsupported - what happens when ordinary people go flying off the ledge into insanity?


This show is for anyone who has ever had a useless boss or an insane customer, anyone who's ever been pushed to the edge by the 9-5, the 6-4 or the 2-11, anyone who just who needs a good laugh after a crap day at work. Pigeons on L'Edge is an absurdist insight into working in the world of retail.

You could say some of this is a culmination and satirisation of many true stories. But we of course could never confirm that. Any resemblances to real persons or entities, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Cast and Creatives


Gabrielle Sheppard and Millie Thorne